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How To Suggest A Site

Note: No URLs will be added on the main level directory.

If you have a site that would be an asset to our directory and you would like to submit it for consideration, the first step is figuring out the most appropriate category for the site. You need to be as specific as possible. Dig deep into the directory subtopics if necessary.

If you have a site that doesn't seem to fit into one of topics or subtopics, send an email to the Team Support explaining your site and the need for the creation of a new subtopic

Once you have found the best category for your site,
- click 'Suggest URL' tab which is at the top of each topic page
- and fill out the submission form.

The Help Desk contains additional information on writing a review

Double check your submission.
- Make sure the URL is accurate and that your spelling is correct.
- Make sure that you have included http:// at the beginning of the URL
Be sure to put your name and email on your submission. ( Privacy Policy)

Please email the Team Support

  • If you still have questions
  • You want to suggest a new category
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